Antibiotic Free and Growth Hormone Free

One major black mark in the history of aquaculture is the use of chemical therapeutic treatments in aquaculture systems. Mainly comprising of antibiotics and growth hormones, these treatments pose serious negative health concerns to the consumers. Also, the environmental effects of these treatments are of concern. The future of the industry must move away from using antibiotic and hormone treatments. Perciformes’ recirculating aquaculture systems are enclosed in a biosecure building, meaning that all precautions are taken to ensure no diseases will enter the culture environment. Because of this, Perciformes’ never needs to implement any antibiotic treatments. Also, these recirculating systems expose our fish to their optimal conditions, causing the fish to grow as fast as possible, limiting the need for growth hormone treatments. This is why Perciformes utilizes recirculating technology: we can create a product that is both antibiotic and hormone FREE, allowing Perciformes to provide our consumers with not only the healthiest fish available but the most environmentally sustainable as well.