Global Blue Technologies Defined

Global Blue Technologies is where aquaculture was “redefined!”  That’s how Aquaculture Magazine led the cover story in its February/March 2017 edition.


Aquaculture has been virtually unchanged since Australia’s ancient people farmed eels 8000 years ago.  The Chinese practiced it 3500 years ago and the Romans joined in 2000 years ago.  Now the publication bearing that name says the nearly ten thousand year old paradigm called aquaculture has undergone a fundamental defining change.


The magazine lays out the vision and evolution of the Global Blue Technologies’ unique recirculating aquaculture system (RAS).  Biosecurity is enhanced by means of pressurized rigid air domes covering super intensively stocked production ponds.  Ponds are stocked with the company’s own specific pathogen free post larvae genetically selected for growth, tail weight and tolerance of super intensive stocking.


The Global Blue system produces sashimi grade, greater than jumbo shrimp that command a price far above farmed or wild caught.  Antibiotics, growth hormones, and  preservatives are forbidden.  The Global Blue Technologies’ proprietary genetics breeding center (Sea Products Development) is the source for the company’s own seed and brood stock as well as for shrimp farms throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.


The company foresees future expansion by doubling its facilities in Texas, building a satellite genetics center in Japan, adapting its RAS technology to marine finfish, then building species-specific commercial fish production plants around the country and the world.   Rounding out those plans is the construction of a chitin extraction plant using earth-friendly techniques so that even castoff shells contribute to the Global Blue Technologies vision of providing profits and benefits to the planet and its people.