Humboldt Bay Area Chosen for First Sablefish/Black Cod Facility.

Humboldt Bay Area Chosen for First Sablefish/Black Cod Facility.


The Humboldt Bay area is the location chosen for the Perciformes Group’s first prototype sablefish/black cod hatchery and production facility, according to the organization’s president and CEO, Dr. Timothy Aberson.


“During our west coast search, we found what we believe is the perfect combination of geography and community in the Eureka, California/Humboldt Bay environs to create our unique commercial land-based, recirculating aquaculture facility for sablefish,” said Dr. Aberson.


Dr. Aberson and Christopher Manley, Perciformes Groups’ director of research and development, toured Humboldt State University’s Marine Laboratory and a potential site for both facilities at the Humboldt Bay Harbor District.


The physical site recommended by the Humboldt Bay District Executive Director Jack Crider and Division 5 Commissioner Patrick Higgins appeared ideal.  Proposed conditions associated with the site proved acceptable and set the stage for formal negotiations.


Discussions with Dr. Rafael Cuevas-Uribe, assistant professor of fisheries biology added to the Perciformes Group search team’s high degree of confidence in locating the sablefish/black cod hatchery and production facilities in close proximity to the university.  The benefits to both the university and to the Perciformes Group were apparent.  University aquaculture students serving internships at the two facilities, in return, would provide Perciformes Group with a unique source for educated and trained employees.


Exercising his executive authority, Dr. Aberson gave his preliminary commitment to the Humboldt Bay/Eureka site.  The next steps in securing the site and creating the facilities necessary to launch the aquaculture endeavor are to line up funding, establish a joint venture agreement with a properly vetted partner, and secure all requisite permits and licensing agreements.