Humboldt Bay Extends Warm Welcome to Perciformes

The prospect of Perciformes Group locating its prototype Black Cod/Sablefish production facility and hatchery at California’s Humboldt Bay is generating an aura of enthusiasm from the community there.


Perciformes Group President Dr. Timothy Aberson was featured on KMUD radio’s “Monday Morning Magazine” show June 5th.  Host Pat Higgins was effusive about the facility’s economic and environmental fit with the goals of the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation & Conservation District.


Preliminary discussions have the Perciformes’ unique recirculating aquaculture facility plus a complementary natural conservancy situated on an 89 acre site designated Redwood Terminal II.


The segment prior to Dr. Aberson’s interview focused on Executive Director Jack Crider explaining the importance of the goals of the commission overseeing the harbor, recreation and conservation district’s economic development.  They intend to make the Humboldt Bay harbor a National Marine Research and Innovation Park where aquaculture can thrive in harmony with commercial and recreational fishing and boating.  The Humboldt Bay Harbor has Foreign Trade Zone status, provides a full range of U.S. Customs services, and is looking to expand its operations as a worldwide trade port.


To date the location in question has a clam and oyster seed stock mariculture operation.  The Bay itself is the site of oyster farming.


Dr. Aberson explained Perciformes’ goal of raising copious amounts of marine protein from highly nutritious species using environmentally friendly technology.  He said Perciformes genesis was two-fold: to relieve commercial fishing pressure from commercially popular wild stocks and to restore economic vitality to coastal communities hard hit from the decline caused by overfishing.


Radio host Higgins explained that he learned about the Perciformes endeavor during his visit at the World Aquaculture Society’s meetings in San Antonio, Texas this past February.  From there he travelled to the Global Blue Technologies aquaculture campus in Taft, Texas where he saw the Perciformes R&D facility and toured the Global Blue RAS shrimp production site.  Mr. Higgins is a fishery biologist and also a member of the Humboldt Bay board of commissioners.


Dr. Aberson said Perciformes is already looking to develop protocols on a variety of other marine fin fish species including black sea bass, olive flounder and tripletail.


To listen to the interview go to http://archive.kmudfm.org/archive/index.php It is under “Monday Morning Magazine” part 2.