Meet The Team: Tim

Dr. Tim T. Aberson is an accomplished health practitioner and financial resource expert. His interest in health and nutrition led to his involvement in the future of aquaculture technology and its place within the environment. His belief that Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology can and will play a significant role sourcing quality marine protein, improving the world’s oceans by diminishing overfishing and by-catch waste, and becoming a sound financial profit center, led to his full time involvement in sustainable aquaculture development. Dr. Aberson serves as President of Perciformes Group as well as Investment Director for Global Blue Technologies and its affiliated companies. Additionally, Dr. Aberson recently took on a new role as President and CEO of Prometheus Progeniture Technologies, Ltd., which is focused on building and operating the most globally important and scientifically comprehensive, wholly-owned genetics research and development center for marine protein.