Networking at WAS “Aquaculture America 2018”

Perciformes Group attended the World Aquaculture Society’s “Aquaculture America 2018” in Las Vegas February 19-22.

Perciformes’ Director Chris Manley and Operations Manager Dylan Black were present to take in sessions on advances in aquaculture research and identify possible partnerships within the industry and academia.  Session topics ranged from advances in high value marine finfish genetics and hatchery techniques to the latest techniques in treating aquaculture effluent.

Manley and Black took advantage of the conference to explain the advances in marine finfish research and mission of the Perciformes Group.   Existing relationships between Perciformes Group and a number of universities are mutual enterprises striving to establish protocols needed to allow new species of commercially desirable marine fish to be cultured.

Perciformes’ presence at the conference garnered many new contacts and provided a wealth of information bolstering the company’s on-going activities.

Pictured with Chris Manley (right) is Greg Trusso of Global Aquaculture Supply Company.