Perciformes Team Travels to Mississippi to Assist USM Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in the Collection of Tripletail Broodstock

Earlier this month, Chris Manley (Director of Research and Development) and Dylan Black (Researcher) of Perciformes Group traveled to the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) to see the progress of the newly announced project in developing tripletail aquaculture with the university. Also, during this trip the Perciformes team assisted in the collection of tripletail broodstock collection for the Mississippi sound.

The Perciformes team was very impressed with the progress being done at the university. The tireless efforts displayed by the personnel at GCRL showed by them reaching the intended goal in the number of broodstock collected. During the visit the tripletail looked extremely healthy and will soon be transferred from the quarantine system and into the spawning system.

The Perciformes team was also able to successfully capture tripletail broodstock despite having adverse weather conditions. These broodstock that were collected will be the foundation of the tripletail program developed by Perciformes and the University of Southern Mississippi. The prospect of harvesting healthy, chemical and hormone free tripletail in an environmentally sustainable manner is another step closer to reality.

This is just the beginning of the ever-growing relationship between Perciformes and GCRL. Currently, it is being planned for the entire Perciformes team to travel to GCRL and assist in the construction of the tripletail spawning system.