Recirculating Aquaculture and Macro Algae

The main advantage for utilizing recirculating aquaculture systems is the ability to conserve water and limit discharge. A well designed system can recycle up to 99% of the water within the system, which greatly reduces the need to discharge and to input new water. However, no recirculating system is ever a truly closed system and still requires a minimal amount of discharge from the system. The discharge from recirculating aquaculture systems, although minimal, still contains high nutrient levels. Perciformes is fully committed in using the most environmentally sustainable recirculating aquaculture system and to achieve this status the discharge leaving our systems must be treated. Therefore, Perciformes has implemented a process of culturing high-value macro algae within our discharge. This macro algae will treat the discharge by removing the excess nutrients. After passing our macro algae system, our discharge can enter the surrounding environment with no ill effects.